Step 4 – Property Change Permit (PCP)

We evolve the Concept Plans into a set of Town Planning Drawings and Town Planning Permit application. We integrate private town planning representation in this phase to manage the lodgement of your application and negotiate with Council, objectors and will provide representation at VCAT if required.

If you are a permit applicant or land owner who has had a planning application refused by Council or a planning permit issued with conditions you believe are onerous, we can lodge an application for review with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to have Council’s decision set aside or varied. We will lodge all the necessary paperwork with the tribunal, prepare the planning submission and act as the representative at the hearing.

Further, We can represent objectors to planning applications at VCAT. Refer to the following section on ‘Objection to Planning Applications’.

To review decisions, simply search for VCAT on the internet, and then go to ‘Planning and Environment List’; ‘Decisions’;